Speyer is a small city in the west of Germany, about 100 kilometres south of the much larger cities of Frankfurt & Mainz. Speyer sits on the river Rhine and is as picturesque as any old German city. Whilst it doesn’t offer the huge number of tourist attractions to compete with many of the other destinations in a limited schedule, we thought it was well worth a day trip and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

Speyer Technik Museum

First and foremost, Speyer’s premier attraction is extensive museum that covers everything aero, automotive and even space. Unlike many museums, the Technik Museum actually offers hands on experiences. I have never come across such an extensive display of fighter jets from all over the world. The most eye catching would have to be the Boeing 747 supported 5 stories up! We cannot describe how impressive this museum is, it really must be seen to be believed!

You can quite easily spend more than a day working through all the amazing displays. We spent about 5 hours here and there was still so much we didn’t get to see. If you are travelling with children this is a must do!

Cost: 15 euro pp (adults)

The town of Speyer itself is as picturesque as they come. Walk into the town square and you will be impressed by the massive cathedral that dominates one end. Construction began in 1030 and at the time, was to be the largest church in the world. It is easily visible from the outskirts of town, over 5km away. Entry to the cathedral is free and, if you have the time, pay the little extra to climb to the top for an amazing view of the Speyer skyline & landscape.

The remainder of the town has certainly kept its heritage intact over the years. If architecture is your thing then you’re in luck. For such a small town, it is littered with beautiful churches & buildings. The town does offer walking tours but they are really not necessary, you can easily find everything yourself and most of the attractions provide historic information.

The town does have several other museums in the town covering everything from a sea world to everything historic.

Spending two days here would be ideal as the Technik Museum really does require a whole day but one day is sufficient if you are prepared to do the museum in record time.

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