7 facts to know before travelling to Fiji

7 facts to know before travelling to Fiji

Before embarking on your dream escape to Fiji, take a few minutes to check through our list of things to keep in mind. Hopefully, these will assist you in planning the best possible experience in Fiji.


#1 Pronounciation

The capital Nadi is pronounced Nandi. There is a good chance people won’t understand if you don’t pronounce it correctly.


#2 Fiji Time is real

Fiji is a relaxed country and all times are very liberal approximates. So don’t plan a very time sensitive schedule – it just won’t work.


 #3 Rugby

Rugby is the main ‘religion’. Be careful not to offend.


#4 The people  🙂

The Fijian people are overwhelming friendly and courteous. They will go out of their way to make sure others are happy. The crime rate is also incredibly low. So you can leave the fannypack behind for this one.
I lost my watch at the thermal pools and without making contact with the resort, the watch made it’s way back to me – ready to be picked up at the airport on my home


#5 Kava

Kava is the traditional drink of the Fijian villagers and you WILL come across it in your time. Men MUST (well pretty close to it) drink the Kava and women can if they wish to. Women will only be offered a drink after all the men. It looks like dirty water and tastes like dirty water (it’s actually a ground root) and can numb your lips and tongue slightly. Despite common perceptions it isn’t a narcotic, although it has a strong dose of Vitamin B! Trying it is a part of the Fiji experience.


#6 Bugs   o.O

Bugs and Lizards in your room. The lizards most can live with but the bugs probably less so. It doesn’t matter if you stay in a dorm or 5 star resort, they will BE there. Just make sure the screens and doors are shut before turning on the lights in the evening – there is nothing worse than hunting mosquitoes in the middle of the night. I also took Vitamin B1 tablets to make me less appealing to mosquitoes.


#7 Drinking water

Drinking water. Some regions don’t have access to quality drinking water which will be an issue for Western visitors. This won’t be a problem at any of the resorts but keep it in mind when visiting more isolated destinations – ask if you are unsure, it’s better than the alternative…


Enjoy your trip!


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