This has to be one of the most picturesque places I have visited. It is a quiet town on the south coast of Vanua Levu, with a population of approximately 3,500. Even though it is somewhat of a path less well travelled, I found it to be the most relaxing destination of my trip.

Firstly, the flight in. This is where your adventure starts and the view coming into land is spectacular, if you can open your eyes as the plane almost skims the tree lined hills before descending rapidly onto the tiny piece of tarmac.


For my time in Savusavu I stayed at Naveria Heights, which is somewhat of a health resort. The resort is in the most amazing location, nestled high up in the hillside forest. I’ll mention this now, if you aren’t moderately fit and desire fried breakfasts, then this probably isn’t the accomodation for you. Getting up and down the driveway isn’t easy and few taxis in down will brave it for the fare!

But for those game enough, waking up to amazing views and having breakfast overlooking the bay is more than adequate compensation.

Here is a link to their webpage if it sounds tempting to you:

Whilst the activities on offer are very much the same as what you can find elsewhere in Fiji, the location draws you to try them again. First up, I would highly recommend the snorkelling. The two destinations I checked out were excellent. The Lighthouse, sounds easy enough but imagine a lighthouse 750m offshore… & Split Rock offered the best snorkelling experience I came across in Fiji, with plenty of fish & coral.


The J. Hunter Pearl Farm is a must do. Pearl Farming is the primary industry in the area and J. Hunter Pearls do it best. But be careful taking your significant other into the showroom!! It is a significant risk to your travel budget. On a more serious note, the jewellery is amazing and the pearl colours are not likely to be found in too many other places so definitely check it out.

I would also highly recommend sailing around the bay (and out into the ocean if possible). There aren’t too many more picturesque locations than Savusavu and an evening cruise is sure to spoil the avid photographer. Most cruises will also offer a spot of fishing too, I managed to pull in a decent Yellowfin Tuna 25m from the beach!

Ultimately, Savusavu is somewhat out of the way but I cannot recommend visiting here highly enough if you have the time!

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